Celebrating over 21 years of heritage, passion and service excellence.

During the Tom Yum Kung crisis when many business in Thailand including Avana hotel property, was still going through the financial difficulty.  Established in the year 1994, Avana hotel previously known as Highway Inn located right on Thepparak (previously named Bangna Trad) road, gateway to the city of Bangkok from Suvarnnabhumi international airport. 

Avana derived her sound and meaning based on  the book of Genesis.

We refer the word Ava (sound in Thai A-wa) to “Eve” the very first woman in the book of Genesis.  And “na” is added on to make it sound more like a resort and hospitality property (for example the word cabana).  Eve is recognized by many a first woman in this world. So we do believe and want Avana to be the place of the original blessing for those who come in and connect with us as a business and all kinds of relationship based on either same or different faith or practices.  We could share things in an open way with full respect for one another to enhance each of our life, businesses, and common interests as a whole. We strongly serve as one of Thailand strongest hotel operators based on Chinese and international oversea tourists. 

Despite strategically providing 640 rooms accommodation with 1200 guests meeting facilities at the most affordable rate, however our business faced another challenge during the COVID crisis in year 2019. We professionally responded to the unexpected situation with a few different key approaches to carry our business. 

Serving as one of the state quarantine hotel brings us to the next level of hygiene and safety standard to cope with the New and Next normal for the coming year 2021. Our property consisted of four premises in the same property compound serving both quarantine and non quarantine in a separate property management to cater both quarantine and regular guests.  

Our hotel has always been a truly remarkable place that facilitates our guests with all kinds of services including healthy and authentic Thai menu.

Our Thai spa and full scaled fitness serve both local and oversea travelers.  It truly a place you can stay safe, meet, work, and relax right here in Bangkok.

A direction we want to be is one of most qualified convention and well-being hotel right here in Bangkok
Avana hotel